We here at Revoshot like to embrace new technologies and modern photography trends. We were all for the DSLR revolution, and not having to develop film every time we go out of town for a day. That is why when an even a simpler solution to taking and sharing pictures surfaced, we got right on board. Instagram. A platform designed for showing your (amateur) everyday photo skills (and meals). This genius platform made us skip a whole step in photography- turning on Photoshop and actually editing a photo. It was our dream. Jokes aside, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms to date. It’s very user friendly, and even if you’re into posting random pics of food, make up and pets, it still gives you a chance to be artistic, and we here at Revoshot, are definitely up for that. That’s why I’ve written a small review of a few of our favorite apps which we use before the pictures we take even reach Instagram. Here are a few photo editing apps which are free, and available for Android and iOS operating systems:


Photo Editing Apps



If you’re active of Instagram during these past six months, chances are you’ve come across VSCO editing. This photo editing app may not be the most user-friendly at first glance; however it currently is the most advanced (free) one in terms of color editing. Do you remember when Instagram got updated and then we got lots more options about editing specifics in a photo? Well, VSCO had those options months before. Complete with its own sharing platform (the Grid option), a Journal featuring other artists who use VSCO, and a Store from which to buy filters and bundles of filters for reasonable prices. However, if you don’t want to do that, the default pack which comes with the app is also quite nice. Other editing options include exposure, contrast, saturation, crop, fade, shadow and highlight save and even shadow and highlight tinting, among others. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, give it a go. The only downside is that the app takes a lot of the internal storage of the phone. Like Instagram, it saves the edited images on your internal storage (and if you don’t delete them from the app’s library, they take up twice the room).


Before and after editing:

11106353_10152787721403741_1777714131_n  Processed with VSCOcam



This photo editing app is great for getting the details to pop in the image. It has options for auto correction of color and the contrast of an image to begin with, followed by editing of controlled points (selective adjust) and options for tuning images (ambiance, warmth, shadows) and details (sharpness and structure). These basic adjustments come in handy when you have an under or overexposed picture you’d like to edit, as well as pictures with a lot of texture. But, it doesn’t stop here. This app also has options to add filters and textures to a photo, as well as options for making a HDR image, adding tilt-shift, a vignette and blur (Center Focus) and frames. All in all, this is a very extensive photo-editing app.



Before and after editing:

11079413_10152787720313741_479866867_n  20150327_134537_1



Even though it has a very peculiar name, this app is quite user–friendly. After opening or taking a picture you can add color and black and white filters to it, as well as other types of effects like light leaks, sparkles or textures. You can also add different frames in your editing. The app comes with a starter pack of filters and effects, but you can download more from their library for free. When saving your edited image, the app gives you the option to save the image in a small, medium or large format. It’s quite a light app, needing only about 8MB of storage to install, and runs quite fast.


Before and after editing:





So far this is the most extensive app when it comes to making photo collages. It gives you the option between several types of photo collages: a grid, a scrapbook, a filmstrip and even a video slide (which automatically crops pictures to Instagram format). These options also come with sets of smaller options like setting the type of layout if you’ve chosen the grid or scrapbook collage; or like background colors, stickers and text for your collage. The app also has its own photo editor which gives plenty of filters and stickers to choose from.




Practical Apps


Crop n’ Square

We’ve all been victims of the 1:1 crop format of Instagram. However, there are apps which scale your pictures to that crop, without actually cropping them. My favorite is the Crop n’ Square. Very easy to use and quite efective. You just upload your image, select the crop you wish, and you leave the rest to the app. It scales your image by taking the longest side as the first measure, and then adds white space to the shorter side so that the ratio becomes 1:1. And if you don’t like to have white space of both sides of your image, you can choose the color fill.




Another cropping app. However, this one gives the options to make your images in certain shapes rather than just make them Instagram crop ready. You can choose from basic shapes like squares, circles and hearts, and more advanced ones like deer, hippos and Christmas trees. You can also choose a background color for your shaped image.