Oliver “Ler” Marinkoski is a Macedonian artist who turns one’s darkest dreams into pieces of art. While looking at his works one is taken into a world of grim and twisted ideas, where even the most mundane of objects can have a life of their own. Some may find his pieces disturbing; however each and every one of them has several layers beyond just the aesthetics and the first glance. Many of them have a humorous note behind the grim exterior, and some of them have a more philosophical background. In between the incredibly clever, witty, immaculate and grim ideas, this artist has certainly built and maintained a unique style of his own.



In light of his second solo exhibition in Skopje, Macedonia, we spoke to the multitalented artist about his inspiration and work.

Let’s begin with a small introduction to your work as a visual artist. Even though your upcoming exhibition will be about your digital art, you also work on sculptures and photographs. Which medium is your favorite?

I’m a sculptor first; everything  else  is second. But I found that digital media is a very cheap and fast way for me to express my ideas. I make my one 3d models and stock photos, and digital media has no limits; you can create anything there, but I would like my next exhibition to be with sculptures. I like photography too, but now it’s just for fun. But I’m getting some good ideas in that direction, so I can make a series of conceptual photographs in the future.




But visual arts aren’t your only strong side- you’re also a musician. How much would you say does music influence your digital art?

Yes, I was a bass player and cofounder of the hardcore band “Nepokor”. When we started playing was also the time when I discovered Photoshop ,so I wanted to make the covers and the artwork for the band, and with my previous band I started to learn 3d modeling programs because I wanted to make the our music videos. So I can say that me playing music kinda pushed me in the digital art world.

Since this is a photoblog, let me ask you about the photography side of things. In your mind, how do you get from a photograph to the final designed product?

Everything starts with 3d visualization in my mind. First I get the idea then I imagine what kind of photographs I need for the assembly of the photo manipulation. I have an improvised photo studio and lightning, or I use the daylight if the weather is good, and I take a series of photographs of the object/model with different postures and lighting. That usually works for me.

One of your reoccurring themes is the self-portrait. What is your main inspiration when working on a digital self-portrait?

The themes of my self-portraits are personal mental states. They are therapeutic to me, and I usually make them when I have free time on my hands, or when I’m very, very angry.



Which themes inspire you most visually?

The foundation of my visual inspiration comes from the movie “Altered states”,  when the main protagonist starts to physically change into nothingness.  I saw that movie as I small kid, and the forms and the changes of the actor were terrifying to me. Later when I watched the movie as a grownup I got a better understanding of it, and the idea of nothingness was equally terrifying . Later, in high school I discovered H.R.Giger, and his art was very inspirational for me.

And lastly, any tips for any upcoming artists?

Work and create non-stop, experiment all the time, never stay in one place with you skills and ideas, always expand. Good results are guaranteed. You are artists, everything is permitted, go beyond good and evil.


You can follow Oliver’s work on his Facebook Page , Behance portfolio or on Tumblr.