365 Photo Project

The 365 photo project presents a simple challenge: shoot one photo every day and post it online. The goal: become a better photographer. You spend a year practicing your photography skills on daily bases, learning new techniques, boosting your creativity, and becoming more observant… and having tons of fun. That’s why I started it.

Enjoy my 365 photo project for 2013 and please tell me what you think :)

Day 353: Winter's grip
Day 352: Through the fog
Day 351: Morning Cup o' Coffee
Day 350: After an exhausting day
Day 349: Baby's first Christmas
Day 348: At CodeCamp
Day 347: Creamy dreamy
Day 346: Which way to go?
Day 345: A slice of sweetness
Day 344: Festive
Day 343: Clear for takeoff
Day 342: Feeding frenzy
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