It’s been an exciting year – trying at times and invigorating at others. I started the 365 photo project to learn – and, for a year, I’ve been making an effort to explore various techniques and themes, ways to capture life in all its beauty and dynamics. Also I’ve been having tons of fun experimenting and making mess of kitchens and living rooms :) I accomplished a goal and I consider this project a success.

And even though my 365 photo project has come to an end, it set the foundation for future projects. I’m moving on to new plans and goals – to learn more and to achieve more. My blog is evolving… but I’ll tell more about that after the holiday partying and relaxing.

I hope that I end 2013 more mature a photographer. But I’m sure that I end 2013 richer for the 365 experience and for all the people I’ve met thanks to photography and this project.

Throughout 2014, I wish you inspiration and enthusiasm to create – and the joy that only a creation of your own can bring you.

Friends, have an amazing New Year!

And thank you!

Day 365: The sweet 365 Finale