The internet had changed the way we consume and in fact produce art, and social media platforms have changed that all over again. Instagram is a great example of this change. While scrolling through the infinite number of pictures of food, cats and nails, one can more often stumble upon digital artists, painters and of course photographers who use this platform to showcase their actual works of art. While some just use it as a strictly visual version of Facebook, others upload their photographs, taken with professional cameras, and thus add their Instagram feed to their photography portfolio. If we have in mind that Instagram was intentioned for people to share their phone pics of everyday events, this may be considered as cheating, but we won’t tell anyone.

Nevertheless, there are a bunch of photographers that use only their mobile phone cameras to create amazing works of art. These are the artists we would want to mention today. After mobile phones got cameras, photography became even more available and accessible, and with the development of cameras such as the one in the iPhone 6 (featuring Apple’s “focus pixels”) and in the Samsung Galaxy S5 (featuring the Shot&More mode) , you practically have a professional camera in your back pocket, shutter ready at a moment’s notice. Apple itself organized a competition for iPhone 6 photographers, and the Macedonian public is familiar with DzaBest’s photo of the week competition (to name a few).

So here are some Instagram moments that we thought you might enjoy:


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